Era of Evanescence

         Romanticizing the Mortal Magnificence of Lake Tahoe

Toes quivering beneath the wavering aqua-marine water, the chilly morning air filling my nose with the scent of an overhanging Jeffery Pine. A shimmer of early morning light sparkling as waves snake up the sandy shoreline. The gentle nature of Lake whispers through the the serenity, she is anything, but stable. The grandeur elegance of the second largest alpine lake in the world is fighting a battle with climate change.

Era of Evanescence is a series of landscape photographs exploring the fleeting moments of Lake Tahoe’s rapidly changing ecology

Lake Tahoe is an ultra oligotrophic lake, meaning it has a low accumulation of dissolved nutrients, and sparse algae growth. This complex ecology has been kept in balance by an ancient biological system. With the longer summers, shorter winters, warming temperatures, and changing precipitation, that balance is threatened.

A child of the outdoors, my work romanticizes the fragile environments of earth. By showing the mortal magnificence of these landscapes I hope to create the same emotional connections with my audiences that I feel. I challenge the mind to relive a moment in time to explore details they’ve overlooked.

Humans feel connection through adoration. Looking past the collapse of an ecosystem, Lake Tahoe is reverberates with a unsurpassable reverie. The communication of light and color speak a universal language of beauty. The essence of the basin demands a study of the texture, and an exploration of place. I’m interested in creating an emotional connection by showing the mortal magnificence of the delicate Tahoe landscape while focusing on the glory of the natural world rather than the devastation of the changing environment.

Grassroots movements are how our society needs to make change. Pointing the lens toward local environments I hope to connect the dots to something bigger. These smaller ecosystems create a webwork of vitality that make up the bigger world. By caring for one we maintain the health of another.